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Human Resources Document Automation

Automating Documentation

What do Human Resources, Employment Agencies, Payroll Companies and Healthcare Organizations have in common? Documentation!

Document creation and management responsibilities can overload and drain any type of organization, but for organizations that require excessive amounts of documents, it can be an extreme burden. With limited resources, managing time effectively is crucial so every bit of automation, goes a long way!

Our Customer: As part of their on-boarding process, our client needed to have multiple documents created and sent out to each candidate. In a traditional environment, this meant gathering the appropriate forms (which varied based on the state of each candidate), generating a personalized agreement, following up with the candidate to confirm receipt as well a prompt return of all required paperwork, ensuring all aspects of the process are documented and tracked along the way.

Our Solution: Presented with this challenge, Juiced Technologies outlined and implemented a solution that included multiple add-ons so the entire process can be deployed with a single click of a button!

Utilizing Exact Forms Plus! a personalized agreement is auto generated and then triggers PDF Stamper. Based on the candidate’s state of residence, PDF Stamper attaches applicable State mandated forms and triggers PDF Merger. Using PDF Merger, an additional static document is merged with the State forms and personalized agreement creating a 10+ page document bundle which is then automatically sent to DocuSign for Quick Base for candidate review and signature.

Once the recipient reviews, completes and signs the document, it is automatically returned so that the completed documentation is stored back in the Quick Base application.

Results: A fully automated, repeatable process that includes detailed step by step traceability was implemented to solve these documentation challenges using Exact Forms Plus, PDF Stamper, PDF Merger and DocuSign for Quick Base!

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