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Industry Solutions


Improve your customer service and reduce your operational costs. Deliver on budget and on time by pairing our add-ons with your Quickbase application.

Effectively manage projects, employees and subcontractors.

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Simplify and Automate Your Document Creation

Managing projects, employees and subcontractors can be very challenging. Even more challenging is the enormous number of support documents processed on a daily basis such as:

  • Change Orders

  • Contracts

  • Estimates

  • Proposals

  • Purchase Orders

  • RFIs

  • RFPs

  • Subcontracts

  • OSHA Forms

  • JSA Forms

  • Bill of Lading

  • Timesheets

  • Requisition Forms

The time spent generating and populating these documents can be much better spent elsewhere. Do hours of work in a few minutes.

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Efficiently Deliver, Route and Approve Documents

Project delays are often unavoidable. That doesn't mean you shouldn't take the steps to prevent them when possible. Utilizing signature approval allows you to:

  • Track Your Approval Process 

  • Automatically Store Executed Documents in Your Application

  • Store Additional Information from Signer in Your Application

Sending documents to be electronically signed significantly cuts the amount of time you will wait for approval.

Calculate Distances Between Different Job Sites

Get a wholistic view of the jobs you need to get done. Doing this will allow you to:

  • Schedule your jobs more efficiently

  • Do nearby jobs in the same day to maximize your upside on revenue.


Never work down the road from last week's job again. 

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