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Legal/Law Firms

Spend less time on non-billable administrative tasks by automating your current processes with our add-ons in your Quickbase application, making them easier to both complete and repeat.

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Speed up the Turnaround Time on Your Written Agreements

Exceed client expectations by accelerating your agreement preparation, execution, and management on document intensive tasks such as:

  • Depositions

  • NDA's

  • Pleadings

  • Settlements

  • Statements of work

  • Incident descriptions

This can be done while maintaining document security and privacy. 

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Send Text Messages to Clients Directly from Quickbase

Texting has quickly become one of the most instant forms of both personal and professional communication. Some of the possible

use cases for text automation in your law firm can include:

  • Initiating Contact with New Leads

  • Requesting Documentation Necessary to Proceed with a Case

  • Scheduling Meetings with Your Clients

Seamlessly Email Your Clients From Within Quickbase

Save yourself both time and space on your computer by eliminating the need to download your generated document and typing up an email to send to your client.
Instead, do it with a single click of a button or have it triggered upon the generation of a new document.

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Automate Your Billing System

Shortcomings in your billing process such as accounting errors and inaccuracies can end up being detrimental to your legal practice. Clients expect both consistency and accuracy when being invoiced and automation can ensure you meet that expectation.

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Add-Ons Used to Facilitate an Automated Billing Process

These can be set up to all run and execute in conjunction with one another without you ever even opening the email!


Email Parser

to automatically pull timesheets that members of your team send to you via email


EZ File Importer

to automatically take the timesheet that was pulled from the inbound email and covert it into Quickbase data


Exact Forms Plus

to generate an invoice based on the information in your Quickbase application related to the specific transaction


Courier for Quickbase

to email the invoice over to the necessary party/parties upon the document being generated and stored in Quickbase

Don't Want to Pay for Extra Storage in Your Quickbase Application?

Save money on storage space and ensure that Non-Quickbase Users can have access to important documents by using one of our file management/storage Add-Ons 


Store files related to your Quickbase records in Amazon Simple Storage Service

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Store files related to your Quickbase records in Dropbox, allowing access from anywhere, on any device

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