EZ File Importer 

Easily Import Data into Quickbase 
EZ File Importer is our latest add-on to help you import data from any Excel based spreadsheet into one or many table(s) in Quickbase. You no longer need to worry about how the fields will be "lined up" as with the standard Quickbase import process. All you do is define an import configuration for each table you need to import into, (these can be saved and used again and again), then upload a file to a record in an Import table, Click the "Import Data" button and the import occurs automatically according to your configuration settings. 

Highlights of the EZ File Importer

  • Easy to configure - add field mappings of your Excel spreadsheet columns to field(s) in each Quickbase table that you want to import into

  • Importing is as simple as saving your file into a file attachment field

  • Our import process will either insert or update records (based on the key) in the target table

  • An Activity table is also installed in your app to monitor details of each import