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Real Estate/Property Management
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From document creation to mapping your properties, pairing our Add-Ons with your Quickbase application can help your team easily access, manage and review information related your property and/or real estate portfolio.

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Simplify and Automate Your Document Creation

Spend more time finding new buyers, coordinating with sellers and looking at new properties by generating both the custom and compliant documents needed to facilitate a transaction with a single click of a button, all from within your Quickbase application.

Lease Management App
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Efficiently Deliver, Route and Approve Documents

Allowing buyers, sellers, lenders title agents, etc. to remotely view, edit and approve documents will speed up turnaround times on your transactions by allowing you to close on deals anywhere, anytime. Enable your Quickbase application to:

  • Track Your Approval Process 

  • Automatically Store Executed Documents in Your Application

  • Store Additional Information from Signer in Your Application

Sending documents to be electronically signed significantly cuts the amount of time you will wait for approval.

Turn Your Property Records Into a Google Map

Customize which data from Quickbase you want to be shown in a push pin pop up. Once your properties are stored, you can:

  • Filter properties based off of buyer wants/expectations

  • Search all properties within a certain radius of a given location

  • View optimized routes to and from a given location

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Multiple Storage Options to Fit Your Individual Needs


Store documents as a file attachment field in your Quickbase application


Store your generated documents in Amazon Simple Storage Service

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Store your generated documents in Dropbox, allowing access from anywhere, on any device

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