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Loads up multiple locations from a Quickbase database (1 or many tables). Automatically plots the location records and allows additional data to be made available right within the map! 

QB Maps

View a Google Map that shows multiple locations from your Quickbase table(s)


View Records That Fall Within a Set Radius of Specific Location

Pass in a target location and find all locations in your application that are surrounding it within a specified radius (in miles). This feature is most commonly used to:

  • Assess the competitive landscape surrounding certain one/may business locations.

  • Identify properties that fit into the geographical criteria of potential buyers/investors.

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Customizable Push Pins

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Click push pins in the map to view fields of your choice from the location's record in your Quickbase application.

Get Directions to One or Many Locations From Your Application

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Get directions between two location records, or enable the multi-select tool and choose every location you need to hit on a given route. QB Maps will automatically provide you with the fastest route possible to hit every stop needed.​

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Map Multiple Locations from Multiple Tables

View locations from as many tables as needed on a single map

QB Maps - Airports
QB Maps - LI Properties
QB Maps Properties + Airports
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