About Quick Base

What is Quick Base?

What Can I Use it For?

  • Automate any business process so you can increase efficiency, productivity and gain increased visibility into the information you need to make better business decisions

  • Are you using Excel for business process management? If so, using Quick Base is a much better alternative. Eliminate the issues related to spreadsheet hell i.e. "who changed the spreadsheet last and where was it saved?" OR "Did I upload my latest changes OR did someone else overwrite my changes?" No more special network firewall access needed to grab the latest spreadsheet off the internal file server. Instead, with Quick Base - the web based online database - everything is done online so changes are immediate and available to all team members as they happen.

Why Choose QuickBase?

  • It is a robust development environment allowing quick and easy relational database and screen development

  • Offers a flexible security model; define roles, assign your users to a role and you can restrict their access. You can even set up security at the lowest level i.e down to the individual field level. You can also change the appearance of your screens so users in different roles see different views

  • Full API (Application Programming Interface) which makes interacting with Quick Base seamless to any user and can provide much needed processing and automation

  • Low overhead costs - no local IT environment and staff is needed, the platform is hosted, maintained and upgraded by Quick Base. So low administrative costs and little to no capital expenditures

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Technically speaking...

  • “Four 9’s” when it comes to system uptime – “high availability” 

  • Scaleable architecture – many thousands of users can enter transactions within your system

  • Easy Maintenance of your application - power users or "citizen developers" will find it easy to enhance their applications

  • Very easy to use – intuitive web interface provides for little or no training costs

  • Unlimited ways to report on data within Quick Base with varying reports that include Cross-tab summations, Calendars, Timelines, Grids (for editing), Charts (Lines, Bar, Area)

  • Mobile application - Quick Base application available on mobile devices

  • QuickBase’s constant evolution - new releases every month providing feature-rich enhancements

  • Easy to build, extend and integrate your applications to accommodate CRM, Project Mgmt, and many more types of applications. You can take advantage of all possible uses of the Quick Base environment to further leverage your investment.

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