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Proud to be SOC 2 Compliant

Why Does This Matter?

The importance of information security in our interconnected world cannot be stressed enough. Mismanaging classified data can result in data theft, financial losses and malware installation (amongst many other things).

Prior to 2011, figuring out which vendors were safe to use took a great deal of time and money. This lead to the birth of the AICPA's service organization control reporting system (SOC). Through these reports, service organizations are equipped with the ability to show their clients that they are following the best practices.

Considered to be one of the most stringent, industry-accepted auditing standards for service companies, a SOC2 audit aims to confirm that your potential vendor is; committed to upholding ethical values, carries out administrative and IT security measures, regularly examines the risk and effectiveness of said controls and security measures, and is committed to ensuring they maintain a team of employees that are continuously improving and competent.

At Juiced Technologies, we have always taken great pride in the effort we have made to ensure your information is handled securely and ethically. By having received this certification, those efforts are validated. 

To request a copy of our report, please fill out the form below:

SOC2 Compliance Form

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SOC2 Form
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