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Each add-on comes with a one time set up charge and a monthly hosting charge.

Pricing below is general pricing for ONE PREMIUM add-on

Add-on Hosting 


per month

billed annually

($75 per month billed monthly)

* See Exception note below

Add-on Pricing:
  • One-time Setup Charge based on the Add-on to be installed.


  • Add-ons can be installed on multiple tables within the same application for no additional charge.

  • Transaction limitations apply.  Each add-on has its own usage parameters.  Contact us for more info.

  • Month-to-month billing is $75/month per PREMIUM add-on $60/month per BASIC add-on and must be paid via credit card.


Exception:  ​We reclassified our add-ons as PREMIUM and BASIC.  Above pricing is for PREMIUM add-ons.  BASIC add-ons are $50/month paid annually and $60/month paid monthly.

Payment and Subscription Info

Subscription and Payment Terms

  • Annual billing provides you with a 20% discount off the month-to-month price.  Annual payments must be made within 45 days of the start of your billing cycle.

  • Monthly billing is available at list price.  Payments must be made via credit card for monthly billing. 

  • When paying monthly via credit card we require the setup of a recurring charge upon which your card will be charged on the 1st day of each calendar month.  

  • ​We also accept check and ACH payments for annual billing only.  You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each billing period and payment is due 45 days after receipt of invoice. 

  • Add-ons may become disabled in your application(s) if your account is past due.

  • All setup charges are non refundable.  

  • Your subscription can be cancelled at any time. You must call or email us with your cancellation request at least 15 days prior to your next billing cycle. No partial refunds are issued after cancellation.

NOTE:  if you cancel your subscription to Quickbase itself that does not automatically cancel your subscription to our add-ons.  We are a separate entity and are NOT notified by Quickbase when accounts are cancelled. Please make sure to cancel directly with Juiced Technologies if you decide to cancel your subscription to Quickbase in order to stop future recurring charges.

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