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XL Docs

Transform your data into custom Excel formats with a single click of a button

Key Features - XL Docs

Unlimited Templates

Create as many templates as you want from as many table(s) as needed – Proposals, Invoices, Contracts, Orders, Expenses

Data Configuration

Configure your data to come from one or many tables, as well as the ability to Embed sub tables of information

Your Spreadsheet Your format

Generate Excel files exactly the way you need with your own custom spreadsheet

Quick Base

Create .xlsx and .csv files right from your Quick Base applications with a single click of a button


Also allows for the creation of PDF or CSV files

Dropbox Compatible

 Save CSV files directly in Dropbox for integration with "Quick Base Sync"

Here's A Few Sample Documents We Created Using XL Docs



An invoice created using XL Docs.

inventory mockup.png

An inventory list created using XL Docs.

Inventory List


A sales graph created using XL Docs.

Sales Graph


Multi-Sheet File

A multi-sheet/multi-tab file created using XL Docs.

Are you using QuickBase Sync?

Get ready to create and save your .csv files directly into your DropBox account using XL Docs. Automate your sync process with a single button click from your application. 

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