Quick Base Courier

Advanced Email Notifications and Reminders

QB Courier was designed to provide enhanced functionality when it comes to sending email notifications and reminders to users of your Quick Base application(s) AS WELL as NON users of your Quick Base application(s). 

Quick Base Courier Enhanced Functionality includes:
Email Notifications

  • Include File Attachments in your emails. The files can reside in file attachment fields or in Amazon S3.

  • Use "Grid Edit" to send specific emails to various users via Multiple Record updates/imports

  • Include one or more "CC" and "BCC" email addresses for all notifications

  • Embed related table(s) of data in your email message body

  • Use your own "FROM:" address for the email message

  • Use your own mail server to send the email messages

  • Send Reminders to Non-Quick Base users

  • Customize the message Subject and Body to include fields from your Quick Base record(s)

  • Embed Sub-table(s) of information within the Body of the message

Execution Options
  • "Triggered" execution based on a record Add/Update or Delete in your Quick Base

  • On-Demand execution sends out emails with a click of a button - whenever you need - as simple as creating a report in your application to choose the records you want to send emails to

  • Scheduled execution sends out emails on a scheduled basis, i.e. daily, weekly, monthly.  Similar to On-Demand, you create a report to filter the records you need to send to, but instead of clicking a button to execute, simply set up a schedule for it to run

Easy to Use

  • Familiar Quick Base interface - manage all of your email templates via a simple to use Quick Base application

  • Drag and drop Quick Base fields onto the body of the message

  • Use our Editor to format your email

  • Send "Test" emails to make sure formats are correct

  • Log Activity inside your application - includes Date/Time, To, From, Subject, and Body

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