PDF Stamper

Dynamically "STAMP"  Your Data

Into PDF Files

Do you have a brochure or other business document in PDF format that you want to add data to from your Quick Base application?  


Manage your PDF "templates" right from your Quick Base application.  

You can configure each PDF template to include data from your Quick Base table;  simply identify the table, the fields to use from that table and where they should appear in the PDF file.

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Key Features - PDF Stamper

Dropbox Compatible

Start with a PDF file with a fixed format and this add-on will place or "STAMP" variable data from your Quick Base table into predetermined positions throughout the PDF 

Multi-Record Processing

We have a PDF Stamper Batch Processor* as well that can produce multiple PDF files for all records in a QuickBase report   

Font Styles

Choose the font style and attributes to use for the “stamped” data

Courier Emailing

Email with Courier for Quick Base*, you can have the stamped PDF emailed as an attachment

Images & Barcodes

Stamp images and bar codes  


Manage your PDF “templates” right from your Quick Base application

Here's A Few Sample Documents Using PDF Stamper



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PDF Stamper makes it as easy as:


Upload your PDF file and enter the DBID of the QuickBase table that has the data that you want to use.


Configure data to be stamped in the PDF template(s).


Stylize your PDF.

..and your PDF is Stamped & ready to send!

Delivery Options*


Email your PDF as an attachment with QB Courier* 


Fax your PDF

via eFax


Store your PDF in file attachment fields, DropBox or on AmazonS3 cloud storage


Send, Track & Manage your PDF with our DocuSign for Quick Base intergration

*Requires and additional Add-On

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