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Juiced Technologies has over 30 years of experience in the Information Technology field. We can help you to ensure your growing business has what it takes to succeed in todays fast moving technology driven world. 

While Quickbase is a robust, highly configurable database platform with many features, there were opportunities for enhancing the user experience so we developed add-ons or  "tools"  that compliment the core platform and allow you to create even more powerful Quickbase applications.

XL Docs
Generate Excel documents exactly the way you need. Now you can create .xlsx and .csv files right from your Quickbase applications with a single click...
XL Docs for Quick Base
DocuSign for Quick Base
DocuSign for Quickbase


Send, Sign, Manage - Use our DocuSign for Quickbase add-on as a fast, easy and secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the...

Exact Forms Plus

Create professional looking MS Word or PDF documents Exact Forms Plus! is a premium utility that we've developed that generates Microsoft Word...

Exact Forms Plus
Courier for Quick Base
Quickbase Courier

Advanced Email Notifications and Reminders.  Courier was designed to provide enhanced functionality when it comes to sending emails...

Quickbase Triggers

Trigger an Action to occur when a record is Added, Modified or Deleted! What is a QB Trigger? "Actions" that is automatically executed in response...

Triggers for Quick Base

"Juiced Technologies - A Great Partner!"

Chase Blackmon

Blackmon Mooring

I've been working with Juiced Technologies for about a year now and I can genuinely say that they are a great group of people to work with. Todd, Keith, Christine, and Razi have been amazing. They are quick to respond, help, and advise. Their suite of tools for Quickbase are second to none, and the high level of support makes all the difference. Thank you Juiced team!

"Juiced-Best Service Ever!!"

Kevin W. 

American Inspection Services, Inc.

When I decided to start building our database I knew that I could not do it alone. Quickbase pointed me to Juiced Tech. where I met Christine. I have never had better service. I put a very challenging idea in front of her and she met it head on. Further, I am always coming up with new ideas I want in my database and she not only knows how to do it, but she usually does it while I am on the phone with her. We are an Alabama based company... Juiced is in New York... they are fast, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Their expertise in this field is exemplary! I have and will recommend Juiced Tech to anyone needing Quickbase help!!!

"XL Docs is a big time saver!"

Bob Sturgeon

Solar Mosaic

Before XL Docs, we would prepare multi-tabbed .xls sheets for a large number of clients every week. That required downloading csv's from QB, assembling into workbooks, totaling, formatting, conditional fields, etc. This 10-15 minute exercise - per report - has now been reduced to 10-15 SECONDS! So now we are able to prepare all reports, with a consistent format, in the same time it formerly took to prepare just one. Thank you Juiced - we can't wait to see what's next!

Isola Homes
Georgia Tech
Plenet DDS
Redboard Circuits
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