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Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions About JuicedSign

In this blog post, we aim to address some of the most frequently asked questions about JuicedSign, shedding light on its unique features and advantages. Whether you're contemplating a switch from other eSignature solutions or are new to the concept altogether, we'll explore the reasons why JuicedSign stands out and what sets it apart from the competition. So let's dive in!

As a way of making it easier for you to navigate this blog, let's start by introducing each of the questions we'll be addressing in order.

*Simply click the question you want to see the answer to, and you'll automatically be brought to that section of the blog.

Now that you know what we'll be covering, let's get into it, shall we?

Why Choose JuicedSign Over DocuSign/Other eSignature Solutions?

If you're a Quickbase user searching for the perfect electronic signature solution, look no further than JuicedSign. One of the key reasons to choose JuicedSign over other options is its seamless integration with Quickbase. By effortlessly integrating JuicedSign into your Quickbase workflow, you can enhance productivity and efficiency significantly. No more switching between platforms or dealing with clunky processes; JuicedSign streamlines the signing process right within Quickbase, saving you time and effort.

Another major advantage of JuicedSign is its transparent and affordable pricing. As a Quickbase user, you know the importance of straightforward solutions that won't break the bank. JuicedSign offers just that—clear and competitive pricing without any hidden fees or complex subscription tiers. You'll have access to all the essential features without any unexpected costs, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses of any size.

Maybe the best part is, Juiced Technologies' responsive support comes included in the base plan. Whenever you need help or have questions, you can count on their expert support team to assist you promptly. With JuicedSign, you get the ideal electronic signature solution tailored to Quickbase users like you—reliable, efficient, and budget-friendly.

Can JuicedSign Fully Replace DocuSign in My Workflow?

Absolutely! JuicedSign has the capability to fully replace DocuSign in your workflow, provided you don't heavily rely on some of the less frequently used advanced features that come with DocuSign. For most standard electronic signature needs, JuicedSign offers a seamless and efficient solution that can meet or exceed your expectations. The primary functionalities required for smooth document signing, such as secure and legally binding signatures, document tracking, and user-friendly interfaces, are all well-covered by JuicedSign.

JuicedSign's integration with Quickbase further enhances its potential as a DocuSign alternative. If you use Quickbase extensively in your workflow, JuicedSign's seamless integration allows you to keep everything within one platform, boosting productivity and reducing the need to switch between applications. Moreover, JuicedSign's transparent and affordable pricing, along with responsive support from Juiced Technologies, ensures that you receive excellent value for your investment.

Before making the switch, it's recommended to review your specific requirements and compare them with the features offered by JuicedSign and DocuSign. If JuicedSign provides all the essential functionalities you need without the extra bells and whistles you rarely use, then it presents a compelling case for becoming your preferred electronic signature solution, offering a cost-effective and streamlined approach to document signing within your workflow.

What Tag Types Does JuicedSign Support?

Below is a list of every tag type currently supported by JuicedSign:


  • Allows the recipient to sign the document. Recipient will be able to choose a font or draw their own signature.

  • Recipients cannot enter or change the information in this tag.


  • Allows recipient to enter date using a date picker.


  • Allows the recipient to enter any type of text.

Date Signed:

  • Displays the date that the recipient signed the document.

  • Recipients cannot enter or change the information in this tag.


  • Allows the recipient to enter their own email address.

Email Address:

  • Displays the recipient's email as entered in the recipient information.

  • Recipients cannot enter or change the information in this tag.

First Name:

  • Displays the recipient's first name.

  • Recipients cannot enter or change the information in this tag.

Last Name:

  • Displays the recipient's last name.

  • Recipients cannot enter or change the information in this tag.

Full Name:

  • Displays the recipient's full name.

  • Recipients cannot enter or change the information in this tag.


  • Allows the recipient to initial the document.

  • Recipients cannot enter or change the information in this tag.


  • Allows the recipient to enter numbers and decimal (.) points.

  • This field only accepts the numbers 0-9, the decimal point, the symbols (+,-), and the letter “e” to support exponents.

Initials (Inits. Editable):

  • Similar to the "Initials" tag but allows editing of the Initials entry field to change the user who is to initial the document.

  • No special characters are allowed in this tag.

Signature (Name Editable):

  • Similar to the "Signature" tag but allows entering the recipient's name in the "Full Name of the signer:" entry field, effectively changing/adding the person's name who will be signing the document.

Can the Signing Process Be Tracked and Managed in Quickbase?

With JuicedSign's seamless integration with Quickbase, every stage of the approval process is meticulously tracked and managed right in your app, ensuring transparency and efficiency throughout. As documents are sent for signature using JuicedSign within Quickbase, the system automatically logs all relevant actions, such as when the document was sent, viewed, and signed. This comprehensive activity tracking allows stakeholders to monitor the progress of each document in real-time, facilitating better collaboration and minimizing delays.

Additionally, all signed documents and associated activity are securely stored within Quickbase, providing a centralized and organized repository for easy access and reference. With JuicedSign's tracking capabilities integrated directly into Quickbase, businesses gain unparalleled visibility and control over their approval processes, enabling them to optimize workflows and enhance overall productivity.

Is JuicedSign Legally Binding?

Yes! Here are a few legal requirements that must be met for an electronic signature to be considered valid and enforceable, as well as how JuicedSign meets them (when applicable).

1. Intent to sign: The person signing the document must have the intention to sign it. In other words, they must understand that they are signing a legally binding document, and they must intend for their electronic signature to serve as their signature on the document.

2. Consent to do business electronically: Before signing a document electronically, the person must consent to do business electronically. This can be done through a separate agreement or by clicking a button or checking a box on the document itself. The person must also be provided with the option to receive a paper copy of the document if they wish.

How JuicedSign follows this guideline: Once the JuicedSign agreement is opened by the recipient they are presented with a statement and a link to the terms and conditions page prior to being able to review and sign the document associated to the agreement. They MUST check a checkbox confirming that they have read the terms and conditions and that they intend to sign the agreement electronically. The recipient also has the ability to download the agreement if they opt not to use JuicedSign to electronically sign the agreement.

3. Identifiable signature: The e-signature must be identifiable and linked to the person signing the document. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as a typed or drawn signature, a digital certificate, or biometric data like a fingerprint or facial recognition.

How JuicedSign follows this guideline:

We offer 2 options for signing:

1. Draw a free-form signature

2. Select from a list of pre-drawn signatures

4. Tamper-evident technology: The e-signature must be protected by tamper-evident technology, which ensures that any changes made to the document after it has been signed can be detected. This can include things like encryption, digital timestamps, or audit trails.

How JuicedSign follows this guideline: We store the documents in encrypted format, capture timestamps as well as store audit logs throughout the entire signing process. Additionally, we have SHA-256 encryption checksum deployed. Documents will have an irreversible 256-bit hash assigned to them, ensuring document authenticity along the whole signature flow.

5. Record retention: A record of the electronic signature must be retained for a specified period of time, depending on the type of document and the applicable laws and regulations. This ensures that there is a reliable record of the transaction in case it is ever called into question.

How JuicedSign follows this guideline: While we don’t have a set timeframe yet, we are able to store the info for as long as is required.

By meeting these requirements, an electronic signature can be considered legally binding. However, it is important to note that there may be specific laws or regulations that apply to certain types of documents or industries, so it is always a good idea to consult with legal counsel to ensure compliance.


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