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Embrace technological advancements to help streamline your patient's journey, efficiently process insurance claims and minimize your manual document creation, allowing you to place your focus on your patients, not your paperwork. 

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HIPAA and PHIPA Compliance

There's no denying the importance of patient privacy. Electronic faxing transmissions use an encrypted connection, which ensures that the only people viewing the shared information are you and your recipient.

That's why many of our clients in the healthcare industry use our Secure Faxing Add-On to:

  • Send out RX Forms for their patients

  • Submit test results to their state's Department of Health

  • Notify labs of missing patient information​

By electronically faxing your documents, you eliminate the risk of violating regulations regarding patient privacy.

Simplify and Automate Your Document Creation

Providing quality patient care is a tall task. From lacking the sufficient time, to not having enough staff and/or resources, it can often feel like a nearly impossible task. Added onto that are some of the documents that need to be processed daily, such as:

  • Molecular Test Requisitions

  • Medical Invoices

  • RX Forms

  • Medical Records

  • Health Records

  • Discharge Summaries

  • Lab Results

  • Patient Information Forms

Generate hours of documents in minutes, so you can place more of your focus on your patients, instead of your paperwork.

Medical Invoice
Molecular Requisition
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Medical Text My QB

Send Text Notifications Through
Your Quickbase Application

Communicate with your team/clients and never forget to make the necessary changes to your Quickbase application. Keep your records in updated from the field, in real time. 

  • Send alerts to sales reps about sample rejections

  • Notify patients of test results

  • Send patients appointment reminders

  • Notify staff about shift changes

Quickly Import Data from Inbound Files into Your Application

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Import data from multiple sheets in Excel into one or more tables in Quickbase in a single transaction.

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