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Email Parser 

Convert Emails into Quickbase Data 

Pull specific data from both the subject and body out of incoming email messages and convert an unstructured email message into Quickbase data.

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Key Features of Email Parser

Automate Data Entry

Automatically add data extracted from the email subject and/or message body to your Quickbase table

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File Attachments

Automatically store file attachments from inbound emails in your application

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Query and Update Data

Search and update existing records based on data parsed from the subject and/or body of your email


Common Use Cases for Email Parser

Automatically Track New Leads

A great CRM application is one that has a process in place to make sure leads are automatically tracked instead of lost in your inbox.

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Streamline Order Fulfillment 

As a business, improving your workflow should always be a priority. Streamlining your order fulfillment can contribute to an optimized workflow by enabling you to:

  • Save time by eliminating your manual process

  • Reduce human errors/oversights when storing information

  • Speed up your order fulfillment processing

Email Parser is Commonly Used With:

EZ File Importer

to automatically upload data from inbound spreadsheets into your application

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