DocuSign for Quickbase

Easily route documents for electronic signature

Automate the workflow by sending documents with our DocuSign integration and have your customers sign and send back your documents within minutes. It is very easy, fast and intuitive to send and sign the document with our integration.

Highlights of DocuSign for Quickbase

  • Send any type of document stored in a file attachment field from your Quickbase application(s) or in your S3 account for signing

  • Specify and order any number of signers from the information stored in your Quickbase application

  • Configure the tags and fields to certain lines of text so that they appear at the right location during the signing process. You can specify tags based upon the document template type

  • Specify subject, email message body, expiration and reminder values for an envelope from your Quickbase application

  • Bring back the information that the recipient enters during signing process and store in Quickbase

  • ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS without violating Quickbase terms of service

  • PROCESS CREDIT CARDS Direct integration with, Intuit QuickBooks Payments(QBMS) and Stripe

  • Change a recipient after the Envelope is created in DocuSign

  • Add a CC recipient after the Envelope is created in DocuSign

  • Void an Envelope after it is created in DocuSign

  • The status of the approval process is updated in real time right in Quickbase

  • The fully executed document is sent back to Quickbase and stored in a file attachment/Amazon S3 field when completed

  • Close the deal on the spot with In-Person Signing!

  • Integration with Exact Forms Plus! to generate the documents that need to be sent to DocuSign for routing and approval

  • Use the DocuSign Dashboard from within your Quickbase application

  • Supports DocuSign access tokens so that you do not have to share your DocuSign account credentials with us

  • You can send out a document for signing based upon a triggering event from a table in your Quickbase application

  • Generate an envelope on behalf of another user from your DocuSign account

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