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This Major Solar Player Has Leveled Up Their Workflow in Quickbase Using Our Add-Ons

Energy Service Partners uses four of our add-ons in their Quickbase application; Exact Forms Plus, XL Docs, DocuSign and Text My Quickbase.

Energy Service Partners is a residential solar company founded in 2015 that primarily focuses on the installation of industry-leading photovoltaic solar products, which they have done across the state of California.

Their Quickbase application allows them to organize important company data such as leads, job phases, work orders, proposals, funding, appointments, tasks, and warranties (just to name a few!)

By using Exact Forms Plus, XL Docs, DocuSign and Text My Quickbase within their company's application, Energy Service Partners can maximize the value they are getting out of their Quickbase subscription.

Exact Forms Plus and DocuSign

Exact Forms Plus, which allows companies to generate complex documents containing dynamic information from their applications with a single click, is easily our most popular add-on.

On the other hand, our DocuSign add-on allows Quickbase users to easily route documents for signature approval from within their application, which in turn, leads many of our customers to pair it with their document generation add-on subscription(s).

The end result? A complete, end-to-end workflow that can be executed without ever having to leave their Quickbase application.

Energy Service Partners commonly uses this pairing to generate project proposals, contracts and purchase orders, which are then routed for signature approval.

(the picture above was recreated by us and is NOT an actual screenshot from Energy Service Partners' Quickbase application)

XL Docs

XL Docs is another one of our document generation add-ons. Much like Exact Forms Plus, this add-on simplifies the generation of complex documents into a single button click, only in this case, the documents being generated are Excel spreadsheets, as opposed to Word and/or PDF files.

Energy Service Partners is primarily using XL Docs to generate spreadsheets that show company owed commissions.

(the pictures above were recreated by us and are NOT actual screenshots from Energy Service Partners' Quickbase application)

Text My Quickbase

Text My Quickbase allows users to interact with their application through via text. Through this add-on, Energy Service Partners is able to easily and effectively communicate with the necessary parties during a project through an in-depth set of notifications set up inside of their Quickbase application.

Some of the notifications being sent consist of:

  • Alerts to their customers and sales reps to let them know what time their tech will arrive.

  • Reminders to Customers, Reps and Resources of inspections/installs the next day.

  • Confirmation messages regarding rescheduled appointments with Reps, Customers and Resources.

  • Reminders regarding missing permit inspections and photos.

(the pictures above were recreated by us and are NOT actual screenshots from Energy Service Partners' Quickbase application)

Think you can use any of these add-ons? Let's talk about it!


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