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Abacus Life & Lead Management

Managing a chaotic email inbox is not easy. It’s unrealistic to think we can manage the constant barrage of information that comes in on a daily basis, no less ensure the highest priority emails are addressed first.

According to a study of over 1.25 million leads, companies that respond within an hour are sixty times more likely to qualify leads than companies that take 24 hours or more. However, a study by InsideSales revealed that only 37% of companies responded within that target hour, 24% took longer than 24 hours and 23% never responded at all.

In any business, responding promptly to leads is important. The internet has made it easier for consumers to shop and lead generation opportunities greater but the marketplace much more crowded and competitive. In the insurance industry, up to 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first so prompt response time is of the essence. For Abacus Life, incoming leads and inquiries are their top priority, which they couldn’t afford to let get lost in the mix.

Using Juiced Technologies eMail Parser, configurations were defined based on both the subject and body, enabling them to pull specific data out of incoming email messages into Quick Base.

STEP 1: Users enter their information on the Website for a detailed quote

STEP 2: Information is received via email

STEP 3: Email Parser extracts the data from the emails and inserts record into “Contacts” table in their Quick Base application

Once the contact record is created, based on certain content elements, an outgoing email message is sent to both the prospect and corresponding insurance department, so an experienced representative can follow up with the customer.

This automation reduces the valuable time spent handling incoming emails, eliminating the manual and tedious copy and paste routine, reducing delays and margins for error, ideally creating a rapid response process.

By responding to leads quickly, Abacus Life Settlements is able to stay ahead of the competition by creating a lead response process that takes minutes, substantially increasing their chances of further interaction, customer acquisition and satisfaction.

Email parser can be implemented for any type of standard formatted email to help automate processes in sales, fulfillment, lead generation, support and much more. To learn more about this and other add-ons, visit

About Abacus Life

Founded in 2004, Abacus Life Settlements is a licensed Direct Life Settlement Provider and Buyer headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Abacus responds to the needs of Professional Advisers and Policy Sellers seeking to optimize the value of life insurance policies. For additional information, visit


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