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Law Firm Implements Text Messaging

Saturation of the legal field combined with dramatic shifts in consumer behavior over the past decade, have compounded customer acquisition in an already competitive landscape. In addition, between phone calls with clients, clerks and partners, reviewing documents and preparing for strict court dates and deadlines, lawyers have limited time to manage their incoming leads.

Choosing legal services is no different than choosing any other product or service. A wise consumer will make inquires to multiple firms before deciding. So, it is advantageous to respond to inquiries quickly to build trust and show prospects your organization is most likely to provide attentive and punctual service!

To ensure all new inquiries have immediate attention, one elite law firm incorporated text messaging into their CRM process, using Text My Quick Base from Juiced Technologies, to improve response and increase customer acquisition.

Here is a sample of their workflow:

Leads come into their “Lead Management” application and land in a Leads table. There is another table in their application that stores predefined messages that can be selected and sent to a prospect so that consistent messages are sent to all prospects. When the prospect receives the text they can reply to it and that response is captured and associated to the respective Lead record so that a log of communication can be captured for each prospect. A cadence is setup so that the representative managing the lead can send out follow up text messages when appropriate. The ability to create a custom message instead of selected a predefined message is also available when the prospects response requires a customized response.

First message being sent to the Lead

Text Message Log (most recent message at the top)

In addition, to instantly capturing contact information, they keep communication going and cases progressing by utilizing text messaging to schedule and confirm appointments, which has proven to be more efficient than calls or emails and more effective as prospects can see them immediately as opposed to checking voicemails or personal emails.

Every text message in and out is recorded with a time stamp so they easily keep track of time, ensuring optimal and accurate billing to clients when needed.

Implementing text messaging simultaneously improved response time, enhanced communication and increased billing efficiencies, positively impacting client acquisition, retention as well as case management!

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