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Orleans Parish Communication District

Keeping the public safe is the job of New Orleans 9-1-1, who coordinates police, fire, and EMS response. It’s an intense job with a lot of responsibility and a multitude if moving parts to manage.

Orleans Parish Communication Logo

Tyrell Morris is the executive director of the Orleans Parish Communication District, an independent agency that serves as the administrator of the New Orleans 9-1-1 and 3-1-1 systems. Pulling from prior experience at a role in Washington DC, Tyrell implemented the Quick Base platform to automate various aspects of their operations.

Utilizing Juiced Technologies Exact Forms Plus!, Tyrell created a process that automatically compiles a federally mandated daily offense log for publication. Originally, creating this report was a manual process that took more than 3 hours a day to compile, requiring staff to start the process at 4am daily! Now it is generated with a few clicks of the mouse and posted by 8am every morning.

Prior to OPCD’s implementation of Exact Forms Plus!, shift management scheduling books were being maintained manually, needed updating frequently, were prone to errors and were challenging to keep up to date. These shortcomings caused last-minute staffing issues which required immediate attention in order to ensure all shifts were being thoroughly covered. One implementation that proved highly beneficial was the ability to automate leave requests and leave restriction letters. Exact Forms Plus! is used to generate a memorandum notifying employees when they have used an excessive amount of unscheduled time and informs them of the current guidelines.

In January of this year, OPCD took on the 311 services, the system that takes non-emergency requests from citizens. This can include reporting issues with road hazards, public lighting, signs, signals, trash, abandoned vehicles and more.

Citizens can go online 24 hours per day to report 3-1-1 cases. Reports are generated by department using Exact Forms Plus Batch Processor, combining anywhere from 1 to more than 800 documents and merging them into a single pdf that is distributed to inspectors. If required conditions are met, the inspectors will approve the request and a work order is generated.

Overall, Juiced Technologies Add-Ons, in conjunction with Quick Base, have reduced paper-based processes by 90% and dramatically reduced manual efforts by streamlining and automating tasks.

“Being able to rely on the quick and accurate information provided by Juiced Technologies’ automation software, such as Exact Forms Plus! and Batch Processor, has proven highly beneficial to our agency,” stated Tyrell Morris. “Knowing that important tasks are being completed in an organized and systematic fashion really boosts our ability to continue providing life-saving services to our citizens without wasting resources on otherwise time-consuming tasks.”

About the Orleans Parish Communication District Formed in 1982, the Orleans Parish Communication District is the PSAP for all emergency communications via 9-1-1 within Orleans Parish. The agency employs over 150 individuals and provides emergency medical dispatch, emergency fire dispatch, and emergency police dispatch for the millions of annual visitors and residents of the City of New Orleans. OPCD is a member of the Association of Public Safety Communication Officials (APCO) and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA).

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