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Retail Chain Contract Management

In the changing world of retail, at a time when brick-and-mortar locations are competing directly with the fast-paced digital marketplace, it is crucial to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction with every aspect of the shopping experience.

A refresh or remodel is considered one of the most effective ways to increase sales and boost the bottom line. While it often requires a large investment, the returns could be substantial but it’s imperative the project is planned and executed properly, especially when it is on a grand scale.

In their continued efforts to suit the changing needs of their customers and enhance the in store and online experience, one top retailer committed to renovations and improvements across their entire chain.

For projects of this magnitude, even the preliminary coordination and contract lifecycle management can be difficult to manage. Finding just the right construction partners for each of the locations was the first major challenge. But utilizing Quick Base and enlisting the development and add-on services provided by Juiced Technologies, a streamlined and automated process was created.

The first step was getting the contract proposal out to the all the construction company applicants. Using Exact Forms Plus, the project manager generates the project contract using data from their Quick Base tables and saves to a documents table, where the additional project documents are stored. Once complete, they update a status field which triggers the next step, PDF Merger.

PDF Merger combines the contract with additional supporting documents: scope of work, floor plans, cost sheets, images, etc. Documents of various formats: PDF, Excel, Word and Image files are combined in a client specific order, to create an all-encompassing, PDF contract. This process can be done for single or multiple records at one time and automatically sends out through DocuSign.

DocuSign for Quick Base is utilized to integrate the agreement lifecycle information into Quick Base. The approval process requires multiple people, departments and levels of approval, each contingent on the previous action.

Upon receipt, the construction company reviews the contract and sign off within an approval within DocuSign signing session. Once signed, the contract is returned to the originating company compliance manager for review and approval prior to forwarding onto the legal department for signature. The process continues onto finance and then the executive level for final contract approval and signatures.

Each step of the process is documented (date, contact, status) within Quick Base, giving full, real time visibility of the status of any given contract:

As each department responds, the participating parties receive an email notification. In addition, a copy of the signed document is attached to the Quick Base record and applicable fields are updated accordingly. In the event any party declines, that information is captured in Quick Base and the process is concluded.

Once the process is complete and the final contract signature is received, an award letter is generated using Exact Forms Plus and sent out to the winning contractors.

Additionally, features and functionality have been implemented to create a comprehensive project management process within Quick Base to continue utilizing the benefits and efficiencies of their application.

Managing construction projects on a chain of retail stores is an arduous task so creating a process that enables you to boost productivity and increase efficiency throughout, helps your team stay on course the meet obligations and exceeds expectations.

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