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Juiced Add-On Tip

Did You Know?

You can import files to add and/or update data in one or more tables in your Quick Base application from a single Excel file using our EZ File Importer add-on.


Quick Base already has import functionality so why do you need the EZ File Importer?

With our EZ File Importer you can:

  • Define, configure and manage your import configurations (field mappings) in a table in your Quick Base application.

  • Import into one OR more tables from a single Excel file (including from multiple sheets)

  • Import data from one OR more "sheets" in your Excel file

  • Define specific "sections" within your Excel file to import from

  • Automate the import process so that when a file is uploaded into a file attachment field it executes right away

  • Use Quick Base permissions to determine who can perform the import

Setting up the import

No longer worry about how the fields will be "lined up" as with the standard Quick Base import process. Simply define an import configuration for each table you need to import into, (these can be saved to use again and again). This allows you to map a column in your file to a field in your table. You can

use the column letters or column names in the event the column

order changes from time to time.

Want to bypass header rows and footer rows in your file? Specify a starting row and ending row in your configuration

Does your Excel file have multiple sheets within it - not a problem... In this example we show how you can import from the second sheet, defining separate sections within that sheet and import into 2 different tables.

Executing the import - How does it run?

  • Simply add a file to a record in an Import table, Click the "Import Data" button and the import occurs automatically according to your configuration settings

  • You can also automate the import so that when the file is uploaded it is automatically executed. The import can be triggered to run when the record is saved.


Include EZ File Importer as part of your ETL (Export Transform Load) process.


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