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Varying Subtables in Exact Forms Plus Document Templates

Have you ever found yourself making a new document template every time you need to include a different subtable in your document? If so, keep reading! This step by step process is going to help you immensely going forward:

1. Go into the table containing your Exact Forms Plus Button.

2. Create a formula text field named "Strid Selector Field".

3. Copy and paste this into the Formula Text Field:

If ([Status] = "Active", "~strid=1~", "~strid=2~")

*Note that by adding this formula to the Strid Selector Field, you're telling Quickbase to change the ~strid~ based on the status you choose. While in this formula, [Status] = "Active", it can be any status you'd like (Pending, Started, Completed etc.).

You can also use ANY type of condition to vary the strid.

3. Save your changes and go back to the table with your Exact Forms Plus button. Take a moment to change your status. If you did this right, the ~strid~ in the Strid Selector Field will vary as the status changes, as shown below.

4. Right click your Strid Selector Field to get it's Field ID (on the top right next to the field's name). In this case, the Field ID is 18.

5. Open your document template.

6. Change the ~strid(x)~ to ~18~.

You're all set! You'll now be able to vary your subtables in a single document template, eliminating the need to create another template every time you need a new subtable.


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