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Appending Additional PDF Files Onto Your Generated Document

Exact Forms Plus allows you to append additional PDF files to a newly generated document by using the parameter pictured below in your Forumla - URL field (only works with PDF Files).

*Important note: In this case, the field id is 45, but the number will be whatever field id your file attachment is stored in.

Common Use Case

Have you ever invoiced a client, only to receive an assortment of questions about the pricing instead of a timely payment? You're not alone, which is why many of our clients use this specific functionality to include quotes onto the back end of their invoices. Here's an example of how the invoicing table may look inside of a Quickbase application:

The first button creates your quote. Once the quote is created, the second button:

  1. Creates an invoice

  2. Appends the quote created with the first button to create a PDF file that contains both of the generated documents (as shown below).

By doing this, you are providing your customers with all the information they need to understand the transaction, ultimately reducing the amount of back and forth, which (hopefully) will result in a timely payment.


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