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Juiced Add-On Tip

Did You Know?

You can capture location, date and time stamp of users with QB Maps?

QB Maps enables field managers to get confirmation of field rep location and visits while giving reps an easy-to-use check-in tool on their mobile phone. QB Maps enables tracking to keep you in real-time with those out in the field.

Triggered by action within the app on their mobile phones, QB Maps captures the location, date and time and saves it to a table in Quick Base.

  • Monitor the location of field reps and identify when and where they have checked-in

  • Utilize data to calculate field rep mileage and time

  • Increase customer-facing time by optimizing travel and reporting

Red pin shows user’s (who ran the map add-on) location

Location, date and time is saved to a table in Quick Base.

Real-time knowledge of:

  • User – identify specific email address of sales rep.

  • Location – track sales reps to know if they are where they’re say they are.

  • Date and time stamped data – know the exact day and time a pin is dropped.

  • “Map It” – see exactly where a pin was dropped in relation to where the rep checked in

Customized Pins - Quickly convey information using custom pins. Change colors, shapes, dot density, add labels or upload your own images to magnify your data's impact.

Create Territories - Organize your map pins by adding territory boundaries like states, counties, and postal codes.

Improve Efficiencies - Create and optimize route plans that will increase productivity and efficiency.


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