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Juiced Add-On Tip

Did You Know?

You can create documents and store them in a "Repository" table in your Quick Base application using Exact Forms Plus, XL Docs or PDF Stamper!


We've included functionality in these 3 popular add-ons that helps you organize your files using a common "repository" table in your application.

Why did we add this feature?

Some of our clients want to have a common table to store all documents instead of having multiple file attachment fields on the same table. Using a common table helps manage the files related to a particular Client or Project etc. a lot easier. That common table can be related to the master table so that you can include a subtable report on your master table form to display all documents related to each master record.

Here is an example using Exact Forms Plus:

From a Projects table when you click the "Create Project Document in Repository" button a new record is created in the Repository table with the Exact Forms Plus generated document. That record is connected back to the Project record as well.

You can demo this functionality yourself using this link


You can also demo this same functionality for:

just click on the repository tab on the form that appears when you click either demo link


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