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Residential Real Estate

In the real estate industry, time is a valuable commodity. If your spending most of it drafting and processing lease forms, you need to read on to learn how automating the process will not only free up your time but will also eliminate the typical leasing roadblocks and bottlenecks while reducing mistakes due to human error and improving customer experience!

One privately held real estate firm, with dozens of representatives, was challenged with responding to the urgency of drafting leases quickly and moving the process along to a signed lease as quickly as possible. However, quality is critical, and mistakes can be costly when rushing through document creation process. To achieve the balance of a quick and accurate process, they implemented a few add-ons from Juiced Technologies.

Using Exact Forms Plus, Courier and DocuSign for Quick Base, this real estate firm was able to automate the lease agreement process, from application to approved lease execution!



Using Courier, the first email is sent to the potential tenant, confirming the unit information, terms and amenities and it outlines what is needed for completing the application process including a link to the online application and details regarding processing and timeframe.

Once the application is received, the next email is sent to the tenant via courier requesting supporting documentation for income verification. This includes requests for copies of pay stubs, tax returns and bank statements.

Upon receipt of the income verification documentation, another email is sent to the tenant via Courier with an attached form for landlord verification. The tenant is instructed to have their current landlord complete and send in a PDF attached to the email from courier.

Once the application review process is complete, a follow up email is sent to the tenant, confirming the status, Approved or Declined.

When the application is approved, a lease agreement is generated using Exact Forms Plus and sent via DocuSign for digital signatures from 3 different parties: tenant, guarantor and then landlord. Lease formats vary, based on the property and all require several signatures and initials throughout.

Once the lease is executed, a digitally signed copy is automatically sent to the agent via email, thanking them for the referral and requesting an invoice based on the terms and conditions for commission payment. Our integration with DocuSign returns the signed agreement to a file attachment field on the record in Quick Base. This “triggers” an email to be sent from Courier.

Incorporating Courier, Exact Forms Plus and DocuSign for Quick Base into their workflow helped improve and expedite communications, reduce manual tasks, saving time and money, all without sacrificing quality and accuracy!

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