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Did You Know?

You can include embedded reports in your email messages using Courier for Quick Base?

Sending email notifications from Quick Base that include "child" or "subtable" data in the message body is a challenge. Give Courier for Quick Base

a try to see how you can achieve that functionality.


With Courier for Quick Base you can:

Include a string in the message body that is used to identify the following:

  • The table that has the "child" data that you want to display in the message

  • The query parameters to use to "filter" the data that you want

  • The "clist" or column list which is the fields from the "child" table that you want to include in the embedded table.

  • The "slist" or sort list to control the sort order for the embedded table and here

Here is a simple example: This embedded table can be included right in the message body of the email being sent by Courier.

Here is the string that was included in the message body of the Courier configuration record for this example:

~dbid=bbbbbbbbb,qry={'14'.EX.[Record ID#]}AND{'9'.EX.'Active'},stlist=18,alternaterowcolor,hdr=#4800ff:white,clist=CN44:15:Quantity:.LT54:45::.R$162:20:Monthly Fee:.R$18:20:Total:~


Do you want to see how this looks in the actual email?

Try this demo: DEMO HERE click the "Embed a Report" on that record, enter your email address in the email field and click the "Send Email with Embedded Report" button. Wait for the email and take a look.


This is just the start. We will be coming out with a configuration utility that will help create the string that needs to be included in the message body. We are excited about this functionality and we wanted to release it ahead of the configuration utility so you can take advantage of it right away. Stay tuned for the release of the configuration utility!


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