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Filing US taxes from abroad can be difficult if not daunting. Combining personable, all American CPAs (most of whom are also MBAs) with a secure, user-friendly interface, Bright!Tax makes it easy for Americans overseas to become and remain compliant with their US tax filing requirements.

Bright!Tax, at just around five years old, has realized exponential growth and, as a fully cloud-based entity, early on realized the necessity to create a robust infrastructure and online interface that could handle its workflow and client communications in a manner that was simple, elegant and exacting to its clients' needs.

One of the key elements of its online infrastructure is a proprietary, bespoke database built on the Quick Base platform and 'married' with a client email communications interface Quick Base Courier, one of many solutions developed by Juiced Technologies.

During any given client project, there are around 20 mileposts, or check-points, where communication with clients is key. Juiced Technologies' Courier implementation has proven to be the perfect solution in that it seamlessly interacts with Quick Base simply by a click of the mouse.

Courier allows for the auto-creation of very client-specific emails that are so well structured, Bright!Tax clients do not actually realize that Bright!Tax/Courier template emails are not written individually and specifically for each client communication. Bright!Tax is keenly focused on the 'experience' that each of its clients have - from their first overture to the firm all the way through to the successful completion of a project on a client's behalf. Courier is the primary vehicle that Bright!Tax employs to facilitate this and the results have been superb.

Bright!Tax founder and CEO, Greg Dewald states, “Our partnership with Juiced Technologies has exceeded our expectations and our Courier implementation has allowed us to provide our clients with a personalized (and EMMA Award Winning) experience that is impeccable. We are particularly grateful to our associate at Juiced, Christine Boylan, whom is personable, extremely knowledgeable and ultra-responsive. Well done, Christine!”

To learn more about implementing Quick Base Courier or additional Quick Base add-ons that can help you automate and streamline communication, visit us at

About Bright!Tax

Following in the trailblazing footsteps of some of America’s most innovative and exciting new businesses, multi-award winning Internet entrepreneur Greg Dewald and his team of financial whizzes have seen cloud based Bright!Tax reach thrilling new heights after being named Best Global US Expat Tax Provider in 2017 and 2018.

With clients in over 190 countries, Bright!Tax has helped thousands of Americans file their US taxes from abroad, smoothly, in their best interests, online, and on time. Visit to learn more about Bright!Tax company and services.


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