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QB Maps Update: Version 6.5

We've released the newest version of the ONLY advanced mapping integration for Quickbase, QB Maps. Here is a detailed overview of the changes we've made.

New Features

We've added some new parameters that allow you to display a circle around the central pin. The picture below shows them all.

The parameters needed to run this feature are boxed in red.

circleRad=2.5 represents the radius of the circle, and is in miles. You can pass in a percentage instead (ex. 50%), then the circle would be sized as that percentage of the rad parameter.

circleColor= will default to Blue if not passed in, and circleFill will fill in the circle if it is not passed in, or has any value other than False (circleFill=False)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Start and End Point were being duplicated when doing a multi select get directions.

  • We also fixed a bug where the Legend would still be displayed while showing the directions.

Both of these bug fixes are represented in the pictures below.



Some common industry use cases for QB Maps consist of (but are not limited to):

  • Real Estate companies that are storing property details in their application.

  • Construction Companies looking to better understand how to schedule jobs based the site's location.

  • Companies with multiple stores/branches looking to get an overview of the competitive landscape surrounding their locations.

Want to see how QB Maps works for yourself?

Feel you have use for QB Maps in your application?


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