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Juiced Add-On Tip

Did You Know?

You can setup 8 of our most popular Add-ons on your own using our DIY Setup wizards?

The setup wizards will provide you with a trial to the add-on(s) that you setup in your application(s). Setup wizards require a Quick Base User Token assigned to the application being setup. So prior to starting any setup wizard make sure you have you USER token available.

When you complete the setup on your own you will not incur a setup charge for that add-on.

If you have a Quick Base Builder account you are welcome to use the setup wizards in that account as well. So if you are not ready to setup a "live" application and are just curious about our add-ons, setup a builder account, if you don't already have one, and try our add-ons in your builder account application for FREE! No Setup Charge...No Hosting Charge!


The following add-ons can be setup using a simple DIY wizard. - Exact Forms Plus

- XL Docs

- PDF Stamper - DocuSign for Quick Base

- Signatures

- MultiFile File Attachment

- Amazon S3 Basic

- Documentor

*additional wizards are in the works!


The wizards are accessible from 2 places:

1. If you are not a current Juiced Technologies client you can access the wizards from our main website using this link: Add-on Setup Wizards


You can Register for access to our Juiced Cloud and access the wizards from there. More info found here about registering for the Juiced Cloud

2. For EXISTING Juiced Technologies clients you can access the wizards from the Juiced Cloud. If you do not yet have a userid and password click Register for Access on the login screen, then click Register Now and fill out the form.


Contact us for more information.

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