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Did You Know?

You can create a series of documents for a single record in Quick Base?

Creating a "package" of documents can be advantageous to eliminate many hours of finding and filling documents. Store all these documents as templates, click a button to fill them with data from your Quick Base records and route/email them for signature. Our Package Builder coupled with our document management add-ons can automate this entire process!


With our Package Builder you can:

  • Create various documents in succession and define the order they will be compiled

  • Create a single consolidated document (PDF) of many various document types, i.e. Word, Excel, Images, PDFs and store in Quick Base

  • Generate a complete set (package) of documents to be routed for signature

  • Include separate cover and ending pages

  • Incorporate separation pages between different documents

  • Documents can generate from one or many related tables

  • “Bulk Package” creation for all records in a specific report

  • Package generation “runs” recorded within a detailed audit activity table

Combine the Package Builder with our other Add-ons to:

  • Send out via email utilizing Courier

  • Send out for signature and approval utilizing DocuSign and even collect info from the recipient for entry into the Quick Base database


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