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Save Time and Reduce Errors by Automatically Pulling Data from Incoming Emails

Pull data from documents in your inbox to track expenses, streamline order fulfillment, automate lead generation and more with this simple addition to your Quickbase application.

As a business, improving your workflow should always be a priority. Successfully optimizing your workflow will save you time, money, and reduce human error.

One add-on that we've seen growth in recently is our Email Parser, which allows Quickbase users to automatically get incoming emails into their Quickbase application, regardless of whether they're at their computer or not.

This can prove to be incredibly valuable for a number of different use cases, but it is most commonly used to pull data from documents in clients inboxes to track expenses, streamline order fulfillment and automate lead generation.

Tracking Expenses

Imagine this: You receive an spreadsheet from your accountant, a non-Quickbase user, that has organized a list of some existing customers, claims and payments, which looks something like what we have pictured below.

Each of the separate sheets in this document represents a different table in your Quickbase application. By pairing our EZ File Importer and Email Parser add-ons, the spreadsheet's data is automatically imported into your application and broken down into individual records on each of the section's respective tables (pictured below).

Streamlining Order Fulfillment

When you have a lot of orders to manage, having a system in place that will automatically store information from pending orders can be a great help.

By doing this, you are not only more thoroughly tracking each step of the order, but you're also reducing the risks associated with human error such as data being input incorrectly, lost, etc.

Automating Lead Generation

Often times, information from a completed lead form will be forwarded to your inbox. Additionally, companies often rely on someone to manually add that infotmation into their CRM application. While that certainly DOES work , even the most diligent workers are prone to an oversight from time to time.

Any great CRM application in Quickbase needs a process in place that ensures incoming leads are automatically tracked before they are lost in your inbox. Email Parser provides you with that exact solution.

In An Email

In Your Quickbase Application

This simple addition to your application will result in less human error, less time spent sorting through your inbox, and most importantly, no missed opportunities for new business!

Want to see how Email Parser works for yourself?

Want to learn more about how to implement a follow-up workflow to reach out to your leads once they are captured in your Quickbase CRM?


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