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Including QR Codes in your Exact Forms Plus Documents

Did you know that according to a study by QRTIGER, QR Code usage was up over 400% in the first quarter of this year? While that number indicates more growth than many would guess if asked, the increase in QR code usage still should come as no surprise.

After all, QR Codes can provide your business with a practical way to get customers/team members from Point "A" to Point "B" in a fraction of the time it would take through other methods (such as typing out a URL and/or going through a multi-step process to get where they need to be).

Lucky for you, adding them into your Exact Forms Plus document templates can be done with ease. Don't believe us? Keep reading and we'll prove it.

How to Include QR Codes in Your Document Templates

Step 1: Create a formula URL field in your master table, then copy and paste this piece of code into the formula code property: URLRoot()&"db/"&Dbid()&"?a=dr&rid="&[Record ID#]

This code is used to add a new record into the table that you are creating this field in. (assuming you did not change the name of the [Record ID#] field in your table).

This is just one example of code you can use, there are many, many more.

Step 2: Open up your Exact Forms Plus Word document template and insert this code in the spot you want the QR Code to display in: ~=barcode(f[x],qrcode,50x50)~ - where "x" is the field id of the field created in Step 1.

We'll be using a work order that field reps can update on site as an example here.

Step 3: Upload the modified document into your Document Templates table.

Step 4: Generate your document. If everything was done correctly, there should be a QR code in place of the formula that allows the field reps to add a time card record (as shown below):

When the QR Code is Scanned

Have use for QR Codes in your workflow?

Try Exact Forms Plus for yourself:


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