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Automating Lead Generation with Quickbase

By automating the way you track and collect your leads, you will eliminate inevitable human error and free up the time it takes you to sort through the constant flow of messages coming through to your inbox, ensuring you don't miss out on any potential opportunities for new business!

Lead generation is one of the most important factors in growing and maintaining a business. With that, getting the lead is only half the battle. Once you have the lead, it's important that you keep it stored in a place where you don't lose track of it. That's where using a platform like Quickbase as your CRM can serve you extremely well. That being said, you are still left with one potential issue.....

How can you be sure that every single lead is getting stored in Quickbase? Let's be honest; we all make mistakes. Even the most diligent workers are prone to an oversight from time to time. This is one of the reasons that companies have our Email Parser Add-On in their Quickbase applications.

Email Parser allows you to automatically export your lead's information from inbound emails and store it in your Quickbase application (pictured below).

In An Email

In Your Quickbase Application

The result? Less human error, less time spent sorting through your inbox, and most importantly, no missed opportunities for new business!

Want to see how Email Parser works for yourself?

Want to learn more about how to implement a follow-up workflow to reach out to your leads once they are captured in your Quickbase CRM?

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