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  • Keith Jusas

Automation in Quick Base just got easier with our Triggers

What can you do with Triggers for Quick Base?

Triggers can be designed to perform one or more "Actions" when some data driven event occurs in your Quick Base application.

Events include changes that are made when you Add, Update and/or Delete records in a table. This also includes changes that are made in multi-record change events like Grid-Edit and table data imports.

Trigger "Actions" include Add, Update, Delete and Search. Actions can be executed for a single record but they can also be setup to "repeat" or "loop" through records so that the same actions are executed against a group of records.

Scheduled Triggers are also available so that you can execute Actions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. So these would not be "fired" by data change driven events, and instead they are run based on a predefined schedule. The records to be processed in a scheduled trigger are selected from a report in your Quick Base table.

We are hosted a webinar on June 14th at 2:00pm EST titled "Getting Started with Triggers for Quick Base" to demonstrate how you can create your first Trigger to start you off on the road to application automation. This is the link to that webinar.

How do you create a Trigger?

The first step to creating a Trigger is to register for access to our new Juiced Cloud portal. The Juiced Cloud portal allows you to create and manage your Quick Base Data Connections and Trigger configurations. The Juiced Cloud also provides you with access to a lot more detailed information regarding your interactions with us. In the Juiced Cloud you can view your existing add-on subscriptions, view your current activities levels for all add-ons, see what applications are authorized for each add-on, start a trial for an add-on, access our DIY add-on setup utility, submit support tickets and view documentation for our add-ons. This is just a short list of features available in the Juiced Cloud and this will continue to grow over the next few months.

Once you gain access to the Juiced Cloud you can click on the "Start Trial" link on the TRIGGERS button from the dashboard page (see below). We also show you all the steps in this webinar...

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