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  • Todd Jusas

Generate Excel Documents from Quick Base

After having had a great deal of success providing our Exact Forms Plus add-on (MS Word and/or PDF document creation) for hundreds of customers we decided that the same functionality should be available using Excel workbooks. We think there are a lot of potential use cases and are very excited to share the news with the Quick Base user community. While "Save as a Spreadsheet" functionality is provided by native Quick Base, sometimes you need a little more in the way of a custom predefined Excel spreadsheets for output purposes. For instance, you may have workbooks that have their own set of macros or predefined functions/calculations. Our Excel add-on gives you the ability to simply click a button, use your predefined template and fill it with raw data from Quick Base and make the spreadsheet come to life. XL Docs can even be used as a low tech EDI i.e. for placing orders into a supplier’s predefined Excel order template.

Also, since XL Docs can create csv files (comma separated) and save the generated file directly in Dropbox, it's possible to click a button to load a spreadsheet with information from Quick Base and allow “Quick Base Sync” to automatically sync the CSV data into the desired connected table in the same or different application.

Highlights include:

  • Use your own Excel template defined as you need and embed data into as many cells, rows and worksheets as you require

  • As with Exact Forms Plus, just upload your Excel templates to Quick Base, and easily define where the information goes and where it comes from in regards to your Quick Base table(s)

  • Supports User Tokens

  • Upload to Dropbox for integration with “Quick Base Sync”

  • Create multiple tabs of information from multiple tables

  • Configure your data to come from one or many tables – you can even embed sub tables of information

The Figure below represents a sample Excel spreadsheet that can be generated via our XL Docs add-on.

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