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The Future of Quickbase AI: What's Next in 2024 and Our Wishlist for the Future

At Empower 2024, Quickbase provided insights into their AI roadmap for the year, outlining their primary objectives. These announcements not only inform us about upcoming changes but also spark speculation about the future. This post will delve into everything from the latest announcements at Empower 2024 to our wishlist for Quickbase AI beyond 2024.

Primary Goals of Quickbase AI:

Streamline Work Management: Automate repetitive tasks, simplify processes, and provides intelligent insights.

Enhance Productivity: Free users to focus on high-impact activities by automating routine tasks and offering smart recommendations.

Empower Users: Enable users of all skill levels to leverage advanced capabilities like app building, data analysis, and compliance management without needing AI or data science expertise.

Improve Decision-Making: Features like Data Analyzer uncover patterns and insights, aiding informed decision-making.

Understanding these goals reveals how Quickbase AI will evolve to meet user needs in a dynamic workplace. The following sections explore the latest enhancements and our wishlist for future advancements.

Table of Contents:

Overview of Quickbase's Smart App Builder

Quickbase's Smart Builder simplifies app creation by guiding users through a series of questions and using natural language processing to swiftly generate a basic framework, including tables, relationships, data samples, reports, and dashboards.

The main aim is to jumpstart app development, providing a structured foundation that saves time and effort, allowing users to customize and fine-tune the framework to meet their specific needs.

When utilizing Smart Builder, users are prompted with a set of questions to elicit key information about the desired app functionality and features. These questions include:

  1. What do you want your app to do?

  2. What problem are you trying to solve?

  3. What do you want to track, report on, or manage?

These questions help Smart Builder understand user requirements and generate a customized app framework, streamlining the app-building process.

Most Recent Smart Builder Enhancements

  1. Pipelines Integration (Open Beta Release): Quickbase's Smart Builder can now build pipelines, streamlining workflow creation. Users provide automation ideas, and Smart Builder suggests steps for review and approval. This feature saves time and facilitates seamless integration with core systems, eliminating data silos.

  2. Improved App Building: Smart Builder enhancements now allow the tool to recognize a well-built app. Through intelligent analysis, it identifies exact matches from a dedicated library or generates a foundational app tailored to the user's unique needs, ensuring high functionality and usability.

  3. Upcoming Report Building Functionality: In an upcoming update, Smart Builder will simplify report building by automatically generating recommended charts. Users can select a table and choose from suggested bar, pie, or line charts, removing technical complexity and allowing for effective data interpretation and use.

Wishlist for AI in Quickbase Moving Forward

As Quickbase continues to innovate and enhance its AI capabilities, there are a few features we'd love to see added to the platform:

  1. Create Custom Formulas: Quickbase AI would benefit from custom formulas tailored to app needs. Automating complex calculations and logic without deep technical expertise would enhance app customization and functionality.

  2. Further Edit/Update the App: As businesses evolve, users should be able to leverage AI to update and modify app structures. While Smart Builder offers a solid start, AI's ability to adapt apps to new requirements would ensure ongoing flexibility and relevance.

  3. Install Add-Ons Automatically: A desirable feature would be for AI to automatically install and configure popular Quickbase Add-Ons. This would streamline implementation, allowing users to enhance their apps without manual configuration.


In conclusion, Quickbase AI represents a significant evolution in work management, streamlining processes and empowering users. As we look forward, the trajectory of AI in Quickbase promises further enhancements and innovations. From simplifying app creation to facilitating seamless integration, Quickbase AI continues to shape the future of work management, offering exciting possibilities for users.

Looking ahead, we hope to see Quickbase AI create custom formulas, further edit apps, and automatically install add-ons. These features would offer even greater flexibility and integration, helping users adapt their apps to evolving business needs seamlessly.

We are excited about the future of work management with Quickbase AI and the innovative solutions it will bring.


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