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Quickbase Empower 2024 Event Preview

Quickbase Empower 2024 is approaching, promising an exciting opportunity to explore the latest innovations and industry insights. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Empower and Quickbase's 25th anniversary. As we look forward to this event, let's take a sneak peek at what's in store.

Attendees are encouraged to join for the following reasons:

  • Learn from industry leaders how Quickbase simplifies workflows, enhances safety, and optimizes efficiency.

  • Explore fresh perspectives for motivation amidst evolving demands.

  • Witness the evolution of application building with AI and automation.

  • Stay connected to industry trends, peers, and innovative solutions.

Anticipated topics include further AI integration, UI enhancements like dashboard upgrades, performance improvements for forms, and the introduction of new features like Smart Builder and the custom email experience. Let's delve deeper into what we expect.

AI at the Forefront: Building on Last Year's Innovations

Quickbase AI Builder

With Quickbase Empower 2024 drawing near, it's evident that AI will reclaim its spotlight. Upon filtering the Empower 2024 agenda by AI, attendees are directed to the product announcements and product roadmap sections, signaling Quickbase's ongoing commitment to enhancing the AI functionality introduced at last year's Empower.

April's release notes shine a spotlight on AI advancements with the unveiling of Smart Builder. Set to make its debut at Empower, Smart Builder appears poised to revolutionize pipelines. This innovative tool empowers users to describe their workflow naturally, enabling Smart Builder to automatically create pipelines. In fact, while manual pipeline creation typically takes 4-5 minutes for four steps, Quickbase anticipates that leveraging AI will reduce this process to just 30 seconds.

Other Product Enhancements:

Quickbase Table View

Quickbase is not just about AI advancements; it's also evolving in various other areas. Here's a glimpse at some other enhancements we expect to be shown: Dashboard Upgrades: Quickbase's latest release brings significant enhancements to dashboard functionality, including infinite scrolling, fluid widget reordering, top-aligned tabs, sleek new widget styling, and the addition of a Spacer widget for improved layout control.

Email a Record: A new enhancement to the form experience allows users to email a record, facilitating easy data sharing and team communication directly from forms.

Performance Improvements for Forms: Quickbase has implemented a series of general improvements to optimize speed, efficiency, and overall user experience on forms, with specific enhancements for scenarios involving reference fields and view mode.

Changes for Managing Support Cases: In preparation for the rollout of new navigation, the My Support Cases page no longer displays navigation at the top, streamlining the support case management process.

New Location for Help Button in Pipelines Designer: The help center in Pipelines Designer has been relocated to the toolbar on the designer canvas for easier access and usability.

Enhancement to User Caching: Quickbase is continuously refining performance and scalability, with an enhancement to user caching to improve display consistency throughout the app or account.

Open Beta for New Navigation: Starting May 8, account admins will have the option to let users try updated navigation, featuring a collapsible sidebar for more valuable screen space. The new navigation will be available in an open beta, with a rollout plan outlined for GA on July 21, 2024, and eventual deprecation of legacy navigation controls in Q1 2025.

Featured Speakers

Quickbase Empower 2024 boasts a lineup of prominent companies sharing insights and experiences. Notable speakers include leading companies like Valmet, Skanska, and Deloitte Consulting, offering invaluable perspectives and strategies across various sectors. With its blend of informative sessions, networking opportunities, and innovative solutions, Empower 2024 is set to inspire and empower professionals to drive meaningful change and success in their organizations.

Valmet:  A leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation, and services for the pulp, paper, and energy industries.

Franklin County Data Center:  Provides secure technology solutions for local government services in Franklin County, covering cloud, network, server virtualization, team collaboration, and digital services.

Skanska: One of the world's leading construction and development companies, specializing in building construction, civil infrastructure, and commercial property development.

Consigli Construction: A construction management firm known for its expertise in building complex projects across various sectors, including commercial, institutional, healthcare, and academic.

Lithko Contracting: A leading national concrete contractor specializing in commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects.

San Diego Housing Commission: A nationally recognized public housing agency that provides innovative housing programs for low-income individuals and families, addresses homelessness, and develops affordable housing units in the City of San Diego.

Linesight: Provides professional consultancy services, management support and strategic advice to the global construction industry.

Deloitte Consulting:  A global consulting firm offering services in audit, tax, consulting, and advisory across various industries.

Asplundh Australia: A subsidiary of Asplundh Tree Expert Co., specializing in vegetation management and utility line clearance services in Australia.

City of Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment: Advocates on issues like homelessness, housing, land use, emergency preparedness, public safety, parks, transportation, and sustainability.

Clarify360: Provides market intelligence and vendor matching strategies to drive business outcomes.

Zweck: Specializes in high-end Porsche cars, offering sales, service, help with buying, and storage.

Daifuku Intralogistics America: A global leader in material handling systems and solutions, specializing in warehouse automation and logistics technologies.

These diverse industry leaders will offer invaluable perspectives and strategies, making Empower 2024 a must-attend event for professionals seeking inspiration and innovation in their respective fields.


Quickbase Empower 2024 Registration

Quickbase Empower 2024 offers a comprehensive experience designed to equip attendees with the latest tools and insights for optimizing workflows and staying ahead in their industries. From exploring AI advancements to experiencing UI enhancements and performance improvements, participants will gain valuable knowledge and resources.

Moreover, the diverse lineup of featured speakers, including leading companies like Valmet, Skanska, and Deloitte Consulting, ensures a rich exchange of ideas and strategies across various sectors. With its blend of informative sessions, networking opportunities, and innovative solutions, Empower 2024 is poised to inspire and empower professionals from diverse fields to drive meaningful change and success in their organizations.

If you haven't registered for Empower 2024 yet, seize this opportunity now! Click the button below to join in on the action.


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