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Signatures for Quickbase

Electronically sign records and store the captured signature image

Capture a signature and attach the saved image to a record in your Quickbase application. We also give you the option of capturing additional data from the signer.

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Key Features of Signatures for Quickbase


Capture signatures as image files and store them in file attachment fields


Require a name and title to be entered by the signer


Store the terms file for review by the signer in a file attachment field on the same record/in a document library table

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Require the signer to view a terms file before signing

Additional Features of Signatures for Quickbase

  • Terms file can also be a file created using Exact Forms Plus so it can be personalized for the signer

  • Works great on mobile devices

  •  The saved signature can also be embedded in a Word document or on an Excel document or on a PDF using the Exact Forms Plus, XL Docs and PDF Stamper Add-Ons.

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