Microsoft Access Upsizer

Convert your existing Microsoft Access database into a Quick Base application.

This one time service utility will  automatically create a new Quick Base application, all tables including RELATIONSHIPS, fields with their corresponding Quick Base field types assigned and a standard data entry form for each table.  It will also create a "subform" on that standard form to include any related data.

This will SAVE YOU HOURS of development time when choosing to move from Microsoft Access to Quick Base.  The new Quick Base application created from this conversion will be ready to go but you will need to do some further customization to make it your own.  Contact us for conversion pricing based on your individual Access database(s).

What it will do...

  • Create all tables, with all fields.  Each field type will be assigned appropriately based on how they are defined in your Access database.

  • Create all relationships as they are defined in your Access database.

  • Import all data into all tables, relating the data between the tables so that  your data is "connected" as it is in your Access database.

  • Create a default form for each table with all fields displayed on it.  It will also create the subtable grids for displaying related data based on how the relationships are defined between the tables.


What it will NOT do...

  • Convert reports based on the reports in your Access database.

  • Convert macros and/or modules defined in your Access database.

  • Convert any event driven VBA code defined in your Access forms.

We've taken the Microsoft Access Northwind sample database and converted below to see the converted Quick Base application.