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Managing Projects From the Field with Text My Quickbase

Having the ability to interact with your application via text message will make it easier to connect the office to the field, and everyone in between.

Construction companies across the nation have been scaling their usage with Quickbase. Through Quickbase, these companies have been able to streamline their project management process, resulting in more efficient communication between contractors throughout the course of each of their given projects.

With that, it's important that both the office and the field have seamless access to their application, no matter where they are.

That's where Text My Quickbase comes in.

What is Text My Quickbase?

Text My Quickbase allows Quickbase users to interact with their application via text. This can be both inbound or outbound, i.e. delivering batches of text messages with a single click of a button or two way communication. Pretty cool, right?

How is it used in the Construction Industry?

While Text My Quickbase is certainly a nifty addition to any application, we know you're reading this to get some more context with regard to how this Add-On is used in the Construction Industry, so we'll get right into it.

1. Updating the Status of a Job from the Field

Picture this: Your rep is in the field. Each step of the way he/she is sending a text to your Quickbase application (as pictured above). As he/she sends the text, the field on the record for the job that they are currently assigned to is automatically updated without anyone ever having to open the application.

This alone is a simple and convenient addition to your application. That being said, the real power is in what else you can do once this process is in place, which leads us to....

2. Sending Alerts to Your Customers in Real Time

While often times there will be an associated party on site when field reps show up to the job, there will also be times when scheduling conflicts don't allow your customer to be available when said job is being done.

And even though some landlords may be more comfortable with strangers working on their property than others, the truth of the matter is that most people will have at least SOME thoughts of paranoia that slip into their mind while the job is happening, and realistically, how can you blame them?

Despite the fact that your intentions in this situation are pure, effectively communicating with your customer can prove to be quite useful in ensuring that they feel comfortable and the job runs smoothly. In comes your workflow with Text My Quickbase:

So, remember how we said your field rep can update the status of the job from the field? What if we also told you that you can have an automated text sent to the customer upon the field being updated? That would make keeping the customer in the loop a whole lot easier, now wouldn't it? This is where the true power of Text My Quickbase lies.

Absolutely relieved that the company they hired is so diligent about openly communicating with them, the customer replies with a huge "thank you" for keeping them in the loop!

3. Sending On-Site Pictures to Your Application

There are many reasons a company may take pictures on-site. Maybe they want to provide some additional transparency in their estimates by providing photos of everything they plan to work on. Or perhaps they want to track their progress to get a better understanding of the timeline of the job going forward. Regardless of the reason, Text My Quickbase allows you send these pictures to your application as they are taken, automatically storing them as file attachment fields in the record for the job you are on.

While we only laid out these 3 uses for Text My Quickbase, there are many more ways to use it, many of which come down to your own imagination and needs!

Want to see how Text My Quickbase works for yourself?

Feel you have use for Text My Quickbase in your application?


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