About Quickbase

What is Quickbase?

Quickbase is a tool that empowers business users to quickly create their own custom software, without code, to improve daily operations and get things done faster.

Quickbase is the best way to manage data and automate processes, so you can accomplish more.


It’s a platform for action!


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Why Choose Quickbase?

Creation and management of forms

Data integration & collection


Data aggregation & reporting


Granular access

permissions by role


Workflow automation


Touch-friendly mobile-optimized apps


Those closest to the business can build and update apps fast in response to shifting business needs.


Power + Ease of Use

Quickbase is unique in that it offers the power to solve highly complex problems, and it’s easy for business builders.  No other product on the market is both powerful and easy to use.


If you can map processes and create a spreadsheet, you can build an app on

One Platform. Endless Posibilites.

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