Triggers for Quickbase

Trigger an Action to occur when a record is Added, Modified or Deleted!

What is a QB Trigger?

"Code that is automatically executed in response to specific events that occur on a particular table."  

A QB Trigger can be fired when a record is Added, Modified or Deleted.   The QB Trigger can be designed to perform one or many actions against your Quickbase when fired.  We take advantage of the Quickbase Email Notification functionality to fire "QB Triggers".


When a record is modified, a QB Trigger can be designed to read the edited record, download the file attachment and email it to the email address stored in the "Email" field on the edited record.


  • Email File Attachments to your users, you can even send them to email 
    addresses that do not have access to your Quickbase application.

  • Create an Audit of events that take place within your Quickbase application.

  • Upload files to Quickbase from an email message, good for mobile device uploads

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Here are some other examples of what Triggers can do... 

Enforce Referential Integrity meaning, if I delete a master record, make sure all child, and grandchild record(s) get deleted as well:
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Enforce Referential Integrity in my Quickbase

Send an email message to Quickbase and have the info in the message inserted into an existing Quickbase table:
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Send Email to Quickbase

Send an email message to Quickbase that has files attached to it and insert the files into file attachment fields in Quickbase:
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Send Email to Quickbase with File Attachments

Send a TEXT message to Quickbase to pull information out of Quickbase and send it back to the person that sent the text.
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Send TEXT to Quickbase