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Loads up multiple locations from a Quickbase database (1 or many tables). Automatically plots the location records and allows additional data to be made available right within the map! 

QB Maps

View a Google Map that shows multiple locations from your Quickbase table(s)

Key Features of QB Maps


Multiple Locations

View locations from as many tables as needed on a single map


Driving Directions

Click on a location in the list, enter a destination and click Get Directions to retrieve a printable turn by turn driving directions report.


Target Location

Pass in a target location and find all locations surrounding it within a specified radius (in miles). The target location and surrounding locations do not have to be in the same Quick Base table.



Click the pushpins in the maps to see information from your Quickbase record.


Plan your Route

Find the best route between locations and get multiple stop driving directions. Immediately send to GPS and go...

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Quickbase Tables

Show different information from your Quickbase tables in the push pin Pop-up window for each table.

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