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Pricing listed is PER ADD-ON

Premium Add-Ons:



Pricing listed is PER ADD-ON

Basic Add-Ons:

  • All Add-Ons not listed under "Premium"


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Common Questions

Do PREMIUM and BASIC represent Packages of add-ons?

No, we do not offer packages of add-ons, we simply classify each add-on as PREMIUM or BASIC, depending on it's functionality. The pricing stated above is PER ADD-ON and NOT for all add-ons listed under each section.

What is your pricing model?

Our pricing is usage based and NOT user based. Each add-on includes a base number of transactions; i.e. Add-on transaction limit.

What is considered a transaction?

Whenever you click the button to execute our Add-On within your Quickbase application.

*Batch add-ons perform multiple transactions one click.

*Only counts if add-on successfully executes.

How many transactions do I get?

This varies by Add-On. To see transaction limits for each specific Add-On, click here.

How do I track my transaction usage?

We will provide you access to our Juiced Cloud to monitor your usage for all add-ons you subscribe to. We also send email alerts when your account is outpacing/exceeding your paid transaction limits

Why should I subscribe annually vs. monthly? 

When paying annually:

  • You get a 20% discount

  • No hard stop limits when transaction limits are reached

  • Transaction limits carry over from each month of the subscription term

What is a "pack"?

What is the difference between Premium and Basic add-ons?

Our Premium add-ons are our most popular, and add the most value to your Quickbase experience.  Each premium add-on includes a batch processing component.  This allows you to process multiple records with the click of a single button, rather than processing one record at a time. 

Do unused transactions carry over into my following term?

No, your transaction count resets at the start of your subscription term. 

Do I receive a penalty/surcharge for exceeding my transaction limit?

If you have an annual subscription, you will be billed for any additional transactions you execute during your period. 

If you have a monthly subscription, we enforce hard stop limits which will prohibit you from executing more transactions, unless you purchase an additional pack.

Why pay upfront for my anticipated volume?

It is cheaper to pay upfront as compared to paying for the standard base volume then paying for additional volume after reaching your base limits. *We recommend that you do your best to estimate your anticipated volume and pay based on that in order to take advantage of the higher discounts.

My anticipated usage will be a lot higher than normal, do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. We offer "bulk pricing" specifically designed for high volume clients and is available in 5 different tiers. After purchasing the minimum transactions for a tier, your cost per transaction is locked in for the annual term. If you exceed your pre-purchased transactions, you will be invoiced at the same rate for the estimated number of transactions you will need for the rest of your annual term.

Can you install and execute add-ons in more than 1 application?

Yes you can. You can use our DIY Setup Wizards from the Juiced Cloud to install add-ons into additional applications for no additional charges. 

You can execute our add-ons in up to 20 applications for NO additional charges.

A pack is a general term used for additional transactions. You can purchase transaction "packs" to increase your transaction limits over what's included in the base price.

For any additional billing questions, please contact:

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