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About Juiced Technologies


We specialize in developing custom software solutions, for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the latest, innovative methods for collecting, managing and sharing critical business data with the appropriate members of their teams. We have worked with Quickbase for 15+ years and have developed hundreds of applications for various types of industries. These applications have included Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation, Project Management, Budgeting, Event Management, Asset Tracking and the list goes on... 

We've been developing applications on the Quick Base platform since the early 2000's. Applications such as Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, Case Management, Claim Management, HR Management and many more CUSTOM applications to meet very specific business needs.


The owners of Juiced Technologies Inc., Keith and Todd Jusas, have been involved in the IT industry since the early 1980's, starting in application development working for large companies on mainframe technologies. Then, as the PC became a very powerful platform for businesses, they saw an opportunity to develop software for many types of business from small, medium-sized to large enterprise businesses. They have also been able to help businesses capitalize on the growing field of Software as a Service (SaaS), specializing in QuickBase. Prior to forming Juiced Technologies, they joined a small company known as Clintrak Clinical Labeling Services LLC, to handle all of the IT related needs as well as taking on leadership roles to help better position the business to achieve its goals. Clintrak was sold in May 2006, growing from 3 million in annual revenue in 2000 to 40 million upon its sale in 2006.

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What to expect from us.


Years of Experience.

We have worked with Quickbase since its inception and were one of the first

Partners some 15+ years ago. Since then we have helped hundreds of customers

achieve great benefits from their Quickbase applications.

Great Support.

Videos, webinars, online meetings and demos, web- based documentation, conference calls - these are just some of the many ways we reach out to make sure the customer is happy. We provide a very personalized service and our customers are always welcome to drop us an email or give us a call (631-617-5060). 

Customer First.

Our customers constantly ask how we can make their lives easier and we always respond. Whether that is through training them on how they can become self sufficient in their applications, or providing enhancements to our add-ons when things don't exactly work they way they need or going the extra mile when their application isn't working with native functionality. Offering alternatives and suggestions until the customer is satisfied are some of the ways we put the customer first.

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