Exact Forms Plus

Create professional looking MS Word or PDF documents

Exact Forms Plus! is one of our most popular Add-on's designed to generate documents right from your Quick Base application. This Add-on allows you to create persistent, point-in-time MS Word or PDF documents.

Key features of Exact Forms Plus!

There are No Macros to download and install, use your version of Microsoft Word as is to create your Document Templates

We use concepts similar to Exact Forms within the template building process; i.e. you reference data to be displayed in the document as: ~3~ or ~Record ID#~ 

Uses Quick Base application tokens for increased security, not allowable with regular Exact Forms.

Create a persistent Word or PDF document instead of a dynamic html page

You can choose to have the Exact Forms Plus! save documents to a file attachment field or to an alternate web based data storage repository such as Amazon S3

Allows for Word headers and footers to be used in your documents. Have your logo show up on every page along with data from your QuickBase table

Insert images right into your document templates without having to upload them to a QuickBase table and link to them.

Allows for better control and formatting of data from your related tables. Specify how wide each column should be, Bold/Underline/Italicize data, change font style and size for each cell...and more

Create multiple documents in 1 transaction. Pass in a Quick Base query that returns multiple records and Exact Forms Plus! will create multiple documents, one for each record returned and attach each individual document to its respective QuickBase record

Create a single merged PDF document from multiple-record transactions - you don't need print out each individual pdf with this feature, one file will include all pdf's for easy printing

Exact Forms Plus is commonly used together with these Quick Base Add-ons:

_________________ - to reduce the amount of file attachment storage space your application consumes.

______________________ - Exact Forms Plus can be "triggered" to generate a document when some other change takes place on a Quick Base record.

_________________________ - to embed the image capture of a signer's signature within an Exact Forms Plus document.

_________________________ - to generate a document using Exact Forms Plus and send that document out to be signed using DocuSign for QuickBase.

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Amazon S3 Basic

Courier for Quick Base

Triggers for Quick Base

Signatures for Quick Base

DocuSign for Quick Base

(Examples are in PDF format and can also be in MS Word fotmat as well)
Shipping labels

A customer needed to create a variable number of shipping labels from his Quick Base records. This example creates 4x6 labels with a specific pallet # printed on each.

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Our crazy Purchase order sample

If you have ever looked at our demo app you will see how we create this very colorful  PO. Even though you may never have anything like this we are demonstrating how to embed sub report data, custom formatting of the table, headers/footers, embedded images, subtotaling, etc.

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You can use our add-on for reports - rows of data. You can group and sort the data and when data goes to a new page, new headers and footers will be displayed.

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