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October Summary

The Better Way to Import Excel Data Into Quickbase (Pt.2)

If you've ever tried to import an Excel spreadsheet into Quickbase, you know how frustrating it can be. Lining up the spreadsheet's columns with your fields in Quickbase can be a very time-consuming task - let alone the possibility of mapping the wrong column to the wrong field. EZ File Importer for Quickbase is the BEST solution for this challenge. By the end of this video, you'll have a basic understanding of how-to setup and use EZ File Importer in your application. Potential use cases for EZ File Importer can include:

- Importing Multiple Records Into a New Quickbase Table/Application
- Importing Expense Sheets into Quickbase
- Importing Timesheets into Quickbase

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Topics Covered w/ Timestamps

  • Intro (0:00)

  • Q&A (1:48)

EZ File Importer:

  • Overview/Use Case (11:16)

  • Setup Wizard/Installation (13:51)

  • Searching Your Application for Data to Add to Your Import (15:22)

  • Automating Imports (26:05)

  • Document Subtables (20:19)

  • Troubleshooting (32:09)

  • Mapping Column Names vs. Column Headers (33:58)


  • Will My Spreadsheet Import if__________? (36:34)

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